3 Marketing Tips for the Retail Car Industry

While they may be talking about the demise of the traditional automobile in the science news of today, I wouldn’t write them off just yet. Car dealers around the world have not only grown in sales and size, but they have learned to embrace the digital age. More and more dealerships are learning to use the latest in car dealer software to improve their marketing reach. This software can be everything from the latest in customer relationship management tools to marketing software that helps to direct their marketing campaigns.

So, from that used car lot on the east side of Chicago to the snazzy latest and greatest fancy cars in that specialty lot in Malibu, expect to see car dealerships taking advantage of all that the digital world has to offer. Here are just three tips to show how the retail auto industry might make better use of the latest in digital tricks to market their cars and trucks.

Finding Your Brand

Since three out of four car buyers begin their search on the web, be sure that when they do they can find your site. Most buyers begin their search by asking, which car is right for me? To identify this, they need to know first what they want. This is why any dealership site needs to start with that question, and answer it.

Once they find your site, and that is a whole post of its own, they need to know which of the cars on your lot is the one they want and need. If what they want is the perfect car for a growing family, show them one that is in their market. Helping the visitor to identify the perfect car for their needs is your first tip for smart digital marketing.

Fulfilling That Checklist

Every car buyer has that checklist, even if it is only in their head. It might include how many seats, how many airbags or if the back seats are removable for a young family. It might include safety features and mileage for the young driver. Whatever it is, you need to do your research.

Be sure to include these on your website so that visitors come away with their checklist taken care of and ready to move on to the next step. Once they have gone through these first two steps they will know if your dealership has the car that is right for them. They need that reassurance to walk in the door.

Who is Near Me?

We know that the search term “car dealership near me” has grown a great deal in the last few years. More and more car buyers are doing their homework first and then looking for a local dealership that has the car they now know they want. This is the crucial next step, as they have an idea in their mind of what they want, the only question left is whether the local dealership can get it for them at the price they know they should pay.

Making sure that all the deals and specials you offer are clearly marked on your website is part of fulfilling that need. Keep these important tips in mind and you will see that when it comes to marketing online, it is only a matter of keeping the customer in mind.