5 Helpful Guide When Your Car Battery Unexpectedly Die On The Road

You are going down the road quite happily, and you come to a stop street, and the engine just cuts out for no reason.  Ok, that is not normal but it can and does happen quite frequently.  All right, no need to panic, you just start up again and pull away, only the start motor solenoid doesn’t even make a sound.

Now the panic sets in as you realize that there is something wrong with your car batteries and the people behind you don’t know what has happened, and so are becoming impatient as it is also peak hour traffic.  So now you have a bit of a situation on your hands, what do you do now aside from calling for a flat tyre repair from Roadside Response?

Here are 5 things that you should do when sitting with an immovable car at a stop street for your own protection.

  1. Try and move your vehicle

If at all possible, try and move your vehicle to a safer place so that your vehicle is no longer obstructing traffic.  This will prevent you from being rear ended by another motorist and saves you from any other unsympathetic drivers.  It will also make it safer and easier for others to help you.  You will have to rely on the kindness of bystanders but, most people if they see you are in trouble will come to your aid.

  1. Indicate that you have a problem

If you cannot move the vehicle for any reason, then it is essential to warn other motorists that your car has a problem.  This is best done by placing a warning triangle several meters behind your car, this will give oncoming drivers sufficient warning to look out for trouble ahead.  Opening your bonnet is also the universally recognized sign that you have broken down.

  1. Take a good look around you

Quickly have a good look at your immediate surroundings.  This will determine if you are going to remain in the car or move to a safer location.  Are there people loitering around paying you too much attention but not rendering any assistance?  Be alert as you are a potential smash and grab victim.  As a matter of priority place all valuables in the boot.

Are there coffee shops, cafes or shops where you can safely make a call, preferably still in sight of your car?

  1. In an isolated area

In a very isolated area where there are no public places nearby, it is best to remain in the car for your own safety and be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Being vigilant will usually protect you from potential harm, especially if you are a woman and alone in the car.

  1. Summoning help

Here it is a case of who can assist you in the shortest time, but the goal is to get out of a hazardous situation as soon as possible, whether it be a tow-in or cheap car batteryat https://www.roadsideresponse.com.au/roadside-assistance-perth.

Final word

These five tips are just common sense really and may seem a bit paranoid, but they could just as easily save you from a life-threatening situation.