Brake system

Brake system is one of the most important systems of every vehicle and its main function is to slow or fully stop it. The operating principle of the braking system lies in converting energy of the moving vehicle into heat due to friction.

According to mechanics, there are:
Disc brakes. The main elements of which are a caliper with pads, a piston and a disc. This type of brakes is efficient but rather complicated in servicing. Although, brake discs can be ventilated and non-ventilated. Ventilation channels inside of the disc help to cool it down during and after braking. The non-ventilated type is used mostly on the rear axle as less force is applied to the rear wheels during braking thus creating less heat. In this brakes type, brake pads are replaced if worn out.
Drum brakes. This is a cheaper and lighter variant of brakes in comparison with the disc-type. Another peculiarity of drum brakes is determined by their enclosed design – they overheat faster, cool down slower and their operation worsens in wet weather. Construction of rear brake drums includes parking brake while disc brakes have a separate mechanism inside for parking brake, which is activated electronically or through metal cable mechanically. Drum brake shoes are replaced in case of their wear-out.

Most modern passenger cars are equipped with discs brakes on the front axle and drum brakes on the rear axle. The heavier the car is, the larger the diameter of the discs will be. Moreover, sportive versions of racing cars have large brake discs with slots and perforations, aiming to increase heat dissipation and avoid small abrasive particles settling. You can find brakes for your car on
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