Honda Activa 5G STD vs DLX Which One to Buy?

Both the STD and DLX Honda Activa 5G was recently launched at the Auto Expo on February 2018. Both of them almost has the same features. The price for both the variants starts from Rs 56,000.

What is DLX and STD in Active 5G?

Activa 5G DLX means Deluxe Model, while the STD means Standard Model. As the name suggests, there are extra features that you will get when you decide to purchase DLX instead of STD.

  • Activa 5G STD vs DLX

Speaking of the Deluxe trim, this variant is among the top models of a scooter. For the lovers of scooters, there is an all-new instrument cluster which is coming handy with the Deluxe trim. An eco-speed indicator has been introduced together with a service due alert.

You can observe new chrome highlighting together with an exhaust cover when you compare the Deluxe variant with the Standard variant. The headlight has been updated, the model now supports an all-LED light. The other features that have been introduced by the Honda Motors include; a seat opener switch, 4-in-1 lock, front hook, and a retractable rear hook.

  • Activa 5G DLX Vs STD Engine Specifications

Both the Deluxe variant and the Standard variant have a 109.19cc engine with a single cylinder. The maximum power of the engine is 8 bhp which has been clocked at 75000 rotations per minute. And speaking of torque, the engine produces a torque of 9 Nm at 5500 rotations per minute.

  • Activa 5G DLX vs STD: Fuel Tank Capacity and Mileage

Fuel tank capacity for both the Activa 5G Deluxe and Standard stands at 5.3 L. LED headlamp, and a position lamp is available in the Deluxe variant. The same features are absent in Standard variant. Apart from some few changes in looks, there are no mechanical changes. The mileage for both the variants is the same; that is 60kmpl.

  • Activa 5G DLX vs STD Colours

There are several colours available with the Honda 5G Deluxe and Standard, you can choose any color depending on your choice. The colours available are; Yellow Metallic Shade, Pearl White, Spartan Red, etc.

  • Activa 5G STD and DLX Price

The purchase price for the Activa 5G Deluxe and Standard are not the same. Deluxe is priced at Rs 55,435 while the Standard variant is Rs 53,565.

  • Conclusion

When it comes to choosing which type of Activa 5G you want, your budget will determine which variant you will go for because their prices differ. The Activa 5G Deluxe has adequate space. You can choose any of the variant because they have almost the same features.