Knowing When it is Time to Purchase a New Vehicle

Many of us have a bond with our cars, they have been with us for many years and we have shared a lot of memories together. There are many good reasons to hold onto an old car, but there are times when we must let them go. If the car is unsafe or it is costing too much to keep it going, you cannot get too sentimental, you need to invest in a new one.


When repairs start adding up and you end up paying too much to keep the car on the road, it is time to get a new one. The first time a car starts giving you problems, you get it fixed and lose a bit of money in the process. But if it continues to happen every few months, it is no longer worth keeping it. Any honest Canberra car dealer will tell you; you are wasting your time constantly repairing your vehicle when you could spend that money on a new one.

Risky to Drive

The older your car gets, the less safe it becomes. Safety features which were installed years ago are probably obsolete. Technology moves so quickly that even a 5-year-old vehicle has stone age technology compared to a brand-new model. If you do not have the latest safety tech and features, you put yourself and your passengers at risk.

Here are just some of the latest safety features you will find in new cars:

  • Rear view cameras & sensors
  • Inflatable seat belts
  • Assisted driving systems
  • Radar cruise control

These new gadgets are not just cool, they are new features which are designed to make driving safer for everyone on the road.

Fuel Efficiency Has Dropped

If you are paying more and more to keep your car running, it is probably time to visit a dealership. You can only do so much preventative maintenance, as a car gets older it starts to deteriorate. If your vehicle is less fuel efficient, it will continue to eat away at your wallet. Poor fuel efficiency also damages the environment.

There are times when getting a new vehicle makes sense, such as when you are faced with the issues mentioned above. There are always times when your car is in good condition, but you fancy something new and improved. When you go for a new vehicle, you get that new car smell, stylish interior, new features, and innovative safety tech.