Reasons for Poor Fuel Mileage in the Winters

Fuel economy in the winters has been a cause of concern for many car owners. Driving in the city, fuel consumption increases during the cold season and drivers go in for frequent refills. There are many reasons why winter fuel economy is lower.

Battery Performance and Poor Alternator

Cold weather takes it toll on car batteries and the performance decreases during the season. To maintain a steady charge, battery has to put in extra work and that also puts pressure on the fuel tank. The alternator has to pull more engine power and the increased electrical load results in more fuel consumption. It’s recommended that before the start of winters, take your vehicle in for maintenance check and do give those batteries a complete look over.

Reduced Aerodynamics

In cars, aerodynamic efficiency plays an important role in saving fuel. It basically means that the car meets less resistance from the air it travels through. Since cold air is denser, it pushes the aerodynamic drag on vehicle, especially at high speed and on highways. This forces the engine to work harder and hence more fuel consumption.

Poor Tyres Condition

Tyres maintenance is important all through the year but in winters, they require special care. Before the start of the season take your car in for inspection and get those tires checked. You can book an appointment with online service providers like the Dubai Tyre Shop. In case you require new wheels, their tire online UAE inventory offers a complete range of different brands. Vehicle owners can choose from all the top brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Copper, Pirelli, and BFgoodrich. You can also get Cooper tires for sale price that is market competitive. Sluggish tires can take their toll on the gas tank, so even with the quality tires at your disposal, it’s best to keep them well-maintained.

Winter Driving Habits

Most drivers let the engine idle longer in the winters, either to warm it up or defrost the windows. Warming up the engine obviously effects fuel consumption as well. Many modern cars now don’t require car idling and can be driven immediately, and windows can be wiped clean. Careful drivers maintain a slow speed and this can cause traffic jams, and being stuck in traffic leads to more fuel consumption.

How can fuel economy be improved in the winters?

It’s recommended to park your car in a relatively warmer place like closed garages as opposed to open roads. Also, minimize idling the car to warm it up and drive slowly at first. Once you feel the engine is warm enough, you can increase the speed. Check your tyre pressure regularly as low air pressure can cause more fuel consumption. Good driving habits and regular maintenance of the vehicle can significantly improve fuel efficiency.