Which Used Cars Should You Consider If You Are Elderly?

When you are elderly, you are less likely to want to race around in a convertible like you may have done in your younger years.

This means that you need to start favouring comfort and driveability over speed and style.

Buying a used BMW on sale in Wakefield is an extremely good choice because there is a wide range of vehicles that are going to suit your needs perfectly. Buying a used car has one large advantage over buying a new one for elderly people: you are not going to spend as much money. This is especially important when you have given up work and are living solely on a state pension and your savings.

What used cars should you consider when you are a pensioner?

Saloon BMW

Saloon cars are the perfect choice for you when you are elderly. These are extremely large cars which will mean that you never feel like you are cramped up. You can travel for hundreds of miles without feeling that you need to get out and stretch your legs. There are lots of different designs and colours that you will be able to choose from.

Once you have bought your saloon BMW for a reasonable price, you can be sure that it is going to be extremely reliable and will not develop any problems whatsoever.

Estate BMW

Estate BMW cars are slightly smaller than the saloon versions, but one of the main benefits of this car is that you can fit a lot of luggage into the boot. This is going to be perfect if you are visiting family members in another part of the country for a long stay. You will not have to worry that the car is going to go too slowly because of the entire amount of luggage that you have put into the back.

 Instead, you will be able to get to your final destination in good time, because the estate is powerful. You can fit three people into the back of an estate without any trouble at all, and no-one is going to complain that they have a lack of legroom.

Tourer BMW

The touring car is designed to drive for long distances on a low amount of fuel. This is something that is going to come in handy when you are trying to save a large amount of money on petrol. You will have a wide range of styles and colours to choose from when you are selecting the type of touring car that you require for your needs.

Coupe BMW

The coupe is designed with two doors and it has seats for two people. You could think of this as a roomier version of a standard BMW car. Some coupe cars will have room for backseat passengers and some will not.


The SUV is perfect if you are going to be driving through the countryside over rough terrain. Many SUV BMWs are fitted with small stepladders for access.

You should inspect a wide range of BMWs before buying one.