5 of the Top Collectibles That Will Make You Profit

If you’re a serious collector and intend to make some money out of the hobby, then it will be imperative to have a clear idea as to what is collectible and how best to ensure a return on your investment. This article aims to provide some insight as to five of the best items to collect whether for fun or finance; those items mentioned herein are widely available and easily collected and stored.

War Medals

Collecting militaria is a large sector and has been done for decades. War medals and awards are a great collector’s item in this collection sector, and there is always someone out there who will be interested in your collection. As with anything that you intend to collect, you need to know your subject matter. You will also need to choose a specific focus, or the collection will lack cogency. Even in the war medals section, it would be good to choose a particular battle or campaign, or a regiment and awards or specific actions. This will narrow the search down, and once exhausted, you can move onto another sector or aspect.

Interesting License Plates

Registration plates have become collectors’ items primarily as works of art, and the old aluminum plates are now more valuable than ever before. In the UK, suffix number plates have sold for fortunes and are a great example. Many a profit has been made by collectors who have been able to get their hands on some unusual and not so common license plates.

Sports Memorabilia

This is a great sector to build a collection in, especially if you are interested in a specific sport or player. Choose carefully, as, although the internet will allow you to buy pretty much anything from anywhere, if you’re collecting, then it needs to be a sustainable means of building your collection.


This is a common trend, and many a kid has started a coin collection, but for those that persevere, it can be incredibly rewarding, including financial reward. American coins are a great place to start, and from the Seated Liberty dollar priced at $1.3 million to the Kansas State quarter sold for $100, there is a coin out there for everyone’s pocket and affordability.

Anything Star Wars

Star Wars posters, figurines, and original games have become big business. It’s a brand that has longevity and one of the widest ranges and spread of people who are interested in the movies, games, and the story as a whole. Collect genuine merchandise and ensure that you know the providence of the items collected. Toys in original packaging or unopened are the ones that do best, so restrain yourself and keep them in the packaging.

One of the primary aspects of collecting is deciding on why you want to collect; if it’s for fun, it’s simply about what you like. However, if it’s for profit and as an investment, then you will need to buy according to the public’s interest. Thus, there is a great deal of research and reading involved as you need to know what the trends are and what people are buying.