A Few Tips to Prepare Your Car for Auto Transport

While moving to your new home, if you have decided to ship all the cars that you have then you also need to do necessary preparation before you hand over your vehicle to the auto hauler for getting them transported.

Since your cars are your valuable assets, so you must be having a question in your mind about how to prepare my car for transport? If you call any representative of Ship a Car, Inc. then they will explain to you all the procedures to make the whole process very smooth and easy.

While the car shipping company will do the entire heavy lifting job to get your vehicle properly transported to its destination safely, but they will not prepare your car for transportation.

Therefore, here we have provided all the necessary tips for the preparation of your car.

1. Wash your car

You must get your car’s exterior thoroughly washed so that its condition will be visible and you can also show it to the representative of the shipping company.

2. Take pictures of your car

You can then take the picture of your car from different angles and if there are any dents or scratches present, it should be highlighted before handing it over.

3. Clean the interior of the car

You must also get the car’s interior also properly cleaned and make sure that no personal belonging should be present inside the car.

4. Disable the alarm

It is necessary to disable all the alarms installed in your car so that it may not unnecessarily raise any alarm.

5. Do not gas up

You need not fill up any gas however, there must be a little gas available so that if necessary it can be driven for at least a few kilometers.

6. Check for any leaks

Before handing over your car to the shipping company, you must make sure that there is no oil leakage in your car.

7. Check tire pressure

Make sure that neither your car’s tire remain underfilled and nor overfilled during its transportation as both are equally risky.

8. Remove custom accessories

You must remove all the extra accessories fitted in your car, as the transporter will not take any responsibility for their missing or damage during the transportation.

9. Address engine and mechanical problems

If there exists any engine problem or any other mechanical problem then get them resolved as any car shipping company will never accept any damaged car for shipping purposes.

10. Lock the car

After your car is loaded on the trailer, your car must be locked. You have to hand over one set of keys to the transporter, it may often be needed by them too.

11. Deactivate toll tags

Since you are not driving your car, hence there will be no need for any toll tags, hence you may keep them deactivated.

12. Have insurance on your car

Normally the transporter will also have insurance for all the cars on their trailers, however, you may also insure for any additional cover.

By following all these tips you can have sound sleep and hand over your car to the car shipper.