An in-depth analysis of the powder coating process

Powder coating is one of the highly regarded processes across the world right now – mostly because it is supremely cost-effective and highly durable. However, its eco-friendly nature also plays a huge part in it being ranked high according to the professional coating workers.

Powder coating process avoids the usage of solvent-involved paints. Also, the unused powder can be entirely recycled and then later used again. Let’s have a look at an interesting fact here. The powder coating process was at first developed just as a process for metal finishing. However, with time and development in technology, it has evolved a lot.

The growth of the powder coating process

At present times, powder coating has become a regular choice for plastics, ceramics and also wood. There have been several types of research done on the work and success of powder coating. Some of them have shown that this technique is the fastest evolving coating medium.

Owing to its advantages, benefits and non-hazardous nature, this process is likely to grow even more in the near future. Powder coating is the future and so it becomes important for people to know more about
the process of powder coating
, so that they can make the best use of this method.

Let’s know about the process in details

There are basically two stages involved in the process ofpowder coating. Any user or people who are actively involved as a professional powder coating expert must have a profound knowledge of this
stage, in order to excel in their work. Let’s have a look at the involved processes.

Stage 1:

This stage is normally concerned with the preparation of the part or component. Just like any other painting method, a good preparation is very important in order to excel at the end. It is very important to remove lubricants and oils as well as metal oxides. This is normally done with the help of various chemical as well as
mechanical procedures.

However, it depends on the size, material and the type of finishing needed. The various chemical pre-treatments generally involve the use of phosphates or maybe chromates through spraying or by submersion.

Speaking from the environmental perspective, the experts need to keep phosphates as their top-priority in the process of powder coating since chromates can act as toxic to the environment.

  • Stage 2: The powder usage

The most used technique is electrostatic spraying through a spray gun. The object is kept in the ground and the gun transmits a positive electric charge onto the prepared powder. It is then sprayed and moved towards the component with the help of the high electrostatic charge.

After heating the component, the powder melts and then it is cooled to provide a long lasting coating. This powder can also be applied in different ways. Particularly, adapted electrostatic discs are one of those ways. The Fluidised Bed method is another way of doing it.

Well, if you are going to invest in any of the powder coating processes, make sure you know the minute details of all the procedures.

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