The Success Behind New Jersey’s NCWC Inc. Dealer Services and How Customer Service Won the Competition

NCWC Inc. has been in the warranty sector for almost two decades. Their dedication to providing quality service to the Ocean, New Jersey area has provided them with the business growth every company wants. A pioneer in auto warranty extension, the company is the most sought-after insurance provider of car owners and dealerships throughout the region.

So, how did NCWC Inc. became a household name when it comes to extended warranty coverage? And what makes them the ideal service provider when there are some companies providing the same services around the area?

One of the many good things the company has acquired through the years is the leadership of President and CEO Michael Shaftel. Known for his quick wit and friendly collaboration with his team, Shaftel has been the company’s President and CEO since its early operations. He works closely with some of the best people in the industry including Company CFO Charles K. Miller, and Jim Arietta, NCWC’s CTO.

Working on new projects and involvements each year, the company is a forerunner in the auto warranty extension industry. The company is a division of Palmer Administrative Services, Inc. who has been a car owner’s reliable partner for more than four decades.

NCWC Inc. provides some of the most comprehensive programs in the auto world including coverage for various mechanical systems like the powertrains, transmissions, electrical system, AC unit, and more importantly, the engine.

Coverage also comes in many different packages including an all-inclusive warranty protection or a select coverage which only covers certain parts. Determining the appropriate warranty extension can be worked out with the friendly agents from NCWC Inc. or at the dealership. But ultimately, it is your sole discretion to accept the offer or opt for a different one.

The company is not just known for providing comprehensive auto warranty extension packages, but they have been one of the friendliest warranty extension providers. Processing a claim is just as simple as a phone call. Having the repair facility call the NCWC Hotline will ensure your vehicle gets the pampering it needs to keep you safe on the road.

Additional travel expenses whenever your car breaks down within at least 100 miles from your home, rental benefits if the covered parts suddenly fail, and Roadside assistance are some of the additional perks for having an extended auto warranty protection. It lessens the burden of a broken vehicle and safeguards your pocket from expensive repairs.

Moreover, the success of NCWC Inc. lies within the company’s capacity to uphold its vision of providing quality service to New Jersey residents. A friendly atmosphere and comprehensive programs make NCWC Inc. the go-to company to stretch your manufacturer’s warranty even more.