Cranes –Heavy lifting solutions for all environments

We’ve all seen them towering above us as we walk or drive past a construction site. Cranes and other high powerlifting machines are quite a common site around cities. Have you ever wondered about the different types of cranes and their uses? Read on to find which type of crane would best suit your requirements.

Hire Cranes in Western Australia

If you live in Western Australia and are interested in hiring a crane for personal or commercial use, read on to find out some options available to you. If you are looking for mobile crane hire in Perth, lots of companies are readily available for commercial and private hire.

What Are Cranes?

Cranes are heavy lifting machines that are designed to lift mind-blowing amounts of weight. A typical crane consists of ropes, wires or chains, and sheaves, which are similar to pulley wheels— a grooved wheel which holds a cord, cable, or wire, allowing an operator to lift the weight.

The main job of a crane is to perform tasks which humans alone would not be able to do. Cranes lift and lower various materials, and can also move horizontally if required.

Modern cranes which are available for hire are extremely powerful and use robust hydraulic transmission along with high torque engines to create the power required to perform their task.

Commercial Uses for Cranes

Some modern-day uses for cranes are:

  • Moving heavy construction materials
  • Building bridges and other essential infrastructure projects
  • Railroad tracks
  • Moving scrap metal and other bulky recyclable goods such as scrapped cars
  • Lifting ships in and out of the water
  • Moving mobile homes into a place

Types of Cranes Available in Perth

Four types of cranes are commonly seen around cities, such as a mobile crane, a loader crane, a tower crane and an overhead crane. These very specialised pieces of equipment are designed with specific jobs in mind. If you are looking to hire a crane for your business or private use, it’s best to research effectively to make sure you hire the correct type of crane.

Operating Cranes Safely

Although cranes are readily available for private hire and purchase, it is essential that you also hire a fully qualified crane operator to operate the crane for you. Cranes are extremely dangerous pieces of equipment and can cause death or severe injury if not used correctly.