How do I choose the right summer tire?

If you are a sporting driver, the summer months would elevate your spirit, inviting you to hit the roads. This is when you would think of switching to summer tire and make your outdoor hours happening. It’s the sunshine that actually gives you the money’s worth on car investment. No wonder, you would reach out to the mechanics and get summer tires installed. As a thumb rule, as the summer months set in, you need to get your tires changed.

Purchasing the best summer tires would optimize your vehicle’s performance as the warm weather sets in. Professional mechanics advise their clients to get these tires replaced at the onset of spring. As soon as the roads are cleared of snow, the new set of tires can be ready to hit the surface.

Well, you might be wondering what is wrong with all-season tires. We will come to this point once you are acquainted with the right way to purchase your summer tire.

Purchasing the best summer tire: How to go about it?

  1. Purchase an entire set

While trying to save your money, you might commit a common mistake: purchasing only a piece of summer tire, or a pair. This is a wrong move, given that some tires would wear off faster, leading to an imbalance in the car. For optimal performance, all your tires need to be in proper shape. Besides, having a complete set of summer tires can enhance the handling capabilities and safety of your car.

  1. Right tire size

Summer tires come in different sizes, and choosing the right set of tires calls for a professional decision. In case you are looking for better traction or grip, go for the larger ones. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative that promises decent acceleration, go for the smaller ones.

  1. Inspect your car

Installing a new set of tires in a car that is already experiencing other problems does not make sense. Therefore, check out the present state of your car, particularly suspension or misalignment issues. Purchasing summer tire, without having these mechanisms in good shape can lead to long-term expenses. Your new set of tires would swiftly wear off if the pressure is not balanced evenly.

Most car owners look out for stores, where experienced mechanics thoroughly assess the current state of the tires and the overall vehicle health. Consulting an established car repair company around you would be a good decision in this regard.

Summer tires vs all-season tires

The reputed manufacturers design summer tires to ensure proper grip when the roads are excessively dry. Again, when you drive under wet conditions, the grooves can divert water from the treads. Eventually, this prevents hydroplaning, which causes loss of braking or steering. With branded summer tires in place, you can remain safe from these hassles while driving.

On the other hand, all-seasoned tires come with balanced features, which might lack the advantages of summer tires. Therefore, with specialized summer tires, you can enjoy better agility and speed. Along with this, other perks include:

  • Enhanced braking capabilities
  • Less grooving
  • Better performance during road-hoarding
  • Better performance on wet roads
  • Perfect for dry road conditions

 Compared to all-season tires, summer tires would enhance the overall driving experience and performance of your car. Well, as the spring sets in, make sure to get your tires replaced at one of the reputed centers in your city. It is recommended to reach out to one of the specialized tire repair or replacement service providers. Of course, you would consult a certified technician with a decent track record to warrant you quality installations.

Of course it also makes sense to know how to change a tire, especially since you’ve just purchased some new summer tires and have a spare in the boot. Check out this article for tips on how to change a tire and things you need to know to stay safe.