Boat Maintenance 101

Proper boat maintenance can keep your beloved boat up and running for the long haul. Keeping boats clean and parts well-lubricated are the first steps to ensuring boat longevity. Additionally, having your boat regularly serviced will aid in keeping the engine running smoothly and prevent you from paying for some costly repairs.

1. Keep It Clean

It is imperative to wash and wax boats regularly. Frequent waxing prevents a chalky buildup from forming on the fiberglass gel coat. Dirty canvas and upholstery lead to the growth of mold and mildew, therefore cleaning seating and sails is necessary as well.

2. Maintain It Properly

Like any engine, boat engines must be serviced and maintained in order to function properly. Most boat owners use professionals for regular services such as oil changes and part lubrication. Professionals can also provide replacement parts for boats when the time comes to change out old parts. Additionally, check all fluid levels regularly and decide whether you can top them off or if you’d prefer to have a professional tackle the job.

3. Select a Boat Mechanic

Proper maintenance for boats is of the utmost importance for keeping your boat running and you and your passengers safe. Improperly maintained boats can have disastrous consequences, so be sure to choose a boat mechanic that will keep your time on the water worry-free. A boat mechanic can maintain your boat and engine and winterize the boat in preparation for storage. Having a mechanic will also come in handy when problems do arise with your boat, as you will have a trusted professional to get it back up and running quickly.

4. Assess Safety Equipment

Frequently check the condition of all safety equipment such as flares, life vests, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and flashlights. Further, before each departure check your spare gas can to ensure it is filled. Don’t forget to check the condition of the Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon as well.

5. Check Trailer

Before transporting your boat, assess the condition of the boat trailer. First, check the wheels to ensure they are all inflated to the appropriate level. Next, inspect the trailer straps for wear and ensure they are holding properly.

Boat ownership can bring you plenty of fun and entertainment. However, with the fun comes responsibility. Properly maintaining your boat and trailer can help you and your passengers enjoy your boat safely. Taking simple steps on a regular basis will keep your boat in top shape and keep you enjoying your leisure time.