Put On Proper Motorcycle Apparel For Safe Riding

A seasoned motorcycle rider takes good care of his or her motorcycle and makes sure that all the parts are well maintained and regularly checked for defects. All worn out parts are to be immediately replaced with new parts. Safety depends largely on good quality motorcycle parts such as proper aligned and balanced tires and other parts that are properly oiled and greased.

Another safety factor that a motorcycle rider should take care is his or her own riding apparel. A responsible rider should put on the proper motorcycle apparel whenever he or she gets ready to ride the bike. Serious and permanent injuries or even death could be avoided if the rider takes the trouble to put on safety apparel when out riding on the streets or on the racing tracks.

Every motorcycle rider should at least put on the basic safety attire when out riding on the bike. If you do not want to be trouble with excessive or elaborate attire, then just get the basic ones for your own protection and safety.

  • Helmet – Choose a helmet that fits snugly around your head. Never buy a second hand helmet because you will never know of the damage to the interior that are not seen from the outside. Always remember to strap the helmet properly and securely. Choose light and bright colours helmet for good visibility to other road users.

  • Gloves – There are winter gloves and summer gloves to keep your hands warm and safe all the year round. Summer gloves should be lightweight but have good abrasion resistance. Winter gloves should be able to keep your hands warm and dry and should be water resistance. All gloves should not be over padded to become too thick and cumbersome to prevent a good grip on the handlebars. Good quality gloves should have good stitching, strong straps and are comfortable to the hands.
  • Jacket and trouser – Motorcycle riding jackets and trousers should be able to shield rider from both impact and abrasion and should be water resistant as well. The jacket and trouser should be comfortable with good fit, without being tight to restrict easy movement. All jackets and trousers should have double or triple stitching for all types of materials.
  • Boots – Boots should be made from good quality leather and should be waterproof. They should be well padded to absorb vibration. Boots should be of good fit, not too tight or too loose. Boot should be comfortable and water resistant.