Storm Coming? Why You Need A Custom Car Cover To Help Protect Your Vehicles

Even the best universal car covers can’t stand up to the strongest storms. For maximum storm protection, you need a custom all weather car cover tailored specifically to fit your vehicle make and model, and using the best in storm-resistant, scratch-resistant, water-resistant materials.

Fit Is Everything

While universal car covers can be lashed into place, they will never fit as securely as a custom car cover designed to mold to every curve and angle of your car. During the high winds and lashing rain of a storm, the ties securing universal car covers in place can come loose, tearing the cover away from your vehicle. In a worst-case scenario the car cover only comes partially loose, while the whipping ends snap against your car, causing damage and possibly even snagging trees or other debris to further scratch your vehicle. With a full car cover, the fit is so secure that even the strongest winds struggle to pull it away.

Durable Protection Against the Elements

With materials such as Stormweave 4-layer car covers and Ultraweave car covers, you get the utmost in durability. Even if a storm drags tree branches or other objects over your car, the tough outer surface of a custom Stormweave or Ultraweave car cover resists tearing and scratching to provide outstanding protection. Universal car covers are made of strong materials, but are still prone to ripping and shredding under high stress during storm season.

Stands Against the Test of Time

Custom car covers are crafted from materials designed for longevity. Whether you keep your car in short-term outdoor storage or long-term storage, a custom-fitted cover will stand up throughout an entire storm season to provide long-lasting protection that can’t be beat by other types of covers. Check out covers available for various makes and models in the California Car Cover store, or look at options for custom-tailoring your own cover.