Things You Must Know Before Armoring Your Vehicle

You surely would have various personal reasons if you feel the need to get your vehicle armored. This is a sure and secure way to get things safe for yourself and your family, but there are always certain things that might skip your mind in the hotchpotch of getting things done.

So here are certain features about the armored vehicle that you must know along with all the realistic expectations that one must keep from the same.

Facts about armored vehicles:

1) The weight of the vehicle

If you know the basics of armoring then you’d realize that it is all about replacing weak and vulnerable parts of your vehicle with military-grade materials and get it secured. Well, this adds quite the bulk weight to your vehicle. A normal armored vehicle weighs as much as 6 times than that of an SUV or sedan. It is heavy duty all the way through.

2) High power engine

With increased weight comes the problem of driving the car with ease, and this is where sophisticated engines come into the picture. They are essential as your normal engine will not be able to drive such a heavy vehicle. These engines are high maintenance.

3) Sophisticated break system

As difficult it is to get the vehicle going, same is the need to stop the machine in the nick of time. This is where advanced technology comes into place. You need expert help to understand the needs of your car.

4) The fuel costs

You’ll be burning quite the hole in your pocket when it comes to this aspect of your armored vehicle operational usage. You’ll require a special type of lubricants too to keep up with the wear and tear that’ll be caused to the car on a very regular basis. Also, not to forget the pollution aspect of the vehicle. It will definitely emit more than your regular vehicle.

5) Maintenance and other things

These are high maintenance vehicles which need to be looked after by professionals only. Also, you require all the necessary documentation to run and ride these type of vehicles as your personal choice of vehicle.

So if you are opting for service providers, Troy Armoring armored SUVs solutions can help you with the same. Just bring in your SUV and get going with all the layers of protection that you need for yourself.