Various Aspects Of Ceramic Coating

To make the vehicles look attractive and save them from scratches, vehicles are coated with paints. This process is called ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a glass-like protective layer that gives the car a deep shine. Moreover, ceramic coating Arizona saves vehicles from dirt, tree sap, road salt, etc. Another advantage of ceramic coating is that it shields the vehicles from extremely high temperatures.

This article aims to describe the various reasons behind having a ceramic coating and various aspects related to it.

Reasons behind getting a ceramic coating

There are various reasons behind getting a ceramic coating Arizona. Following are some of the reasons mentioned below –

  •       No porous surface –

Ceramic coating helps the vehicles develop a self-cleaning property. When a vehicle gets a ceramic coating, it becomes easy to clean dirt from the vehicle.

  •       Makes the surface glossy-

The ceramic coating gives the car a shiny finish and makes it more attractive. Also, the added coating thickness makes the vehicles more resistant to dust.

  •       Saves the vehicles from external hazards –

The ceramic coating helps the vehicles to protect themselves from external hazards, like high temperature, rain, etc.

  •       Acts an extra seal –

The ceramic coating acts as an extra seal for the vehicles to protect the paints and the paints do not need further polish.

The process behind the ceramic coating

The ceramic coating involves a long process that involves a series of steps –

  •       The very first step of coating involves preparing the surface for coating.
  •       The second step involves a series of processes like synthetic clay treatment for clear coat exfoliation, multi-phase decontamination wash, and alcohol wipe down.
  •       The next step involves polishing the colored surface and making the surface even more smooth. This step levels all the imperfections.
  •       Let the paint receive the coating, by having an additional alcohol wipe.

Myths of ceramic coating Arizona –

There are several myths regarding ceramic coating. Few are mentioned below –

  •       Scratch proof –

The most talked about myth about ceramic coating is that it is scratch-proof. People believe that the vehicles become completely scratch-proof after getting a ceramic coating, but this is completely false. The vehicles do resist the scratches to a certain extent. but the ceramic coating does get scratches.

  •       Do not need cleanliness –

Another myth regarding ceramic-coated vehicles is that since they have super glossy surfaces, they do not need any kind of cleaning. Ceramic-coated cars have a self-cleaning capability but they too need a regular wash.

  •       Coatings for a lifetime –

Nothing lasts forever, and the same goes for ceramic coatings. The ceramic coatings are also going to fade after some point in time. The general life of a ceramic coating is a maximum of 25 years. After a certain point, the vehicles also need to get re-polished.


Ceramic coating is an integral part of the automobile industry. It involves some easy steps to execute, but some long-lasting results. Also, ceramic coating Arizona makes a vehicle look classy and acts as a shield. To get the best coating done, a skilled, qualified coating expert needs to be contacted.