Why The Transit Van May Be The Best Vehicle For Your Business

When you are looking to update the fleet of vehicles you lease for your business, you may want to consider the iconic Transit Van from Ford. The style and design have not changed much since Ford first introduced this favourite British workhorse in 1965, and it is a common sight throughout the country. There are many valid reasons why this may be the ideal choice for your business and the perfect choice for your fleet of vehicles. Below are a few reasons why you will want to consider this versatile vehicle for your business that is practical and economical to run.

A Comfortable Drive

Although the conceptual design has not changed much over the decades, the latest Ford Transit Custom is the most comfortable drive yet, making it ideal for working. It is comfortable to drive short and long distances and is a nice drive whether the back of the vehicle is full or empty. With all the latest modern conveniences, including Bluetooth, cruise control, and built-in navigation, your employees will love their new Transit vans and having air conditioning; they will be comfortable in all seasons.

Plenty Of Space In The Back

No matter what configuration of the Ford Transit you get for your business, they have lots of capacity in the back for heavy loads. The largest Ford Transit configuration can give you around 487 cubic feet of space, giving you lots of room to carry tools and equipment and lots of other items. The interior of the van is reinforced, which allows it to handle heavy loads without damaging the frame of the vehicle.

There Are Many Internal Space Configurations

There are also many options for choosing the size of the transit you want for your business. You can choose from three different lengths in wheelbases for the vehicles and the same number of height configurations. Whatever style you choose for your business s there are plenty of anchor points in the van to tie down heavy loads and ensure they do not shift while driving. With so many configurations available for the Ford Transit, there is undoubtedly an option that will be ideal for your business.

Various Engines Sizes Available

You can also select the best engine configuration for your business and choose from petrol or diesel engines. Each fuel option is available in different engine sizes, so you can choose the one with the most suitable power unit that is also economical to run. Whatever option you choose, there will be plenty of power in the Transit van to get it where it is needed, no matter the load.

Ford Transit Vans Are Safe

When you choose the Ford Transit for your fleet vehicles, you are also selecting something safe, with it winning many safety awards in Europe and worldwide. The van will take excellent care of your employees and cargo, and extra safety features such as collision warning and aversion can help avoid accidents. When you are updating your fleet of vehicles you lease for your business, consider the reliable Transit Van, and if viable, you can also consider making your fleet electric.