Car Shipping Discounts at ShipCar

Car shipping can become an expensive service. However, some companies like ShipCar24 make the vehicle relocation service more affordable by offering car shipping discounts.

What Kind of Car Shipping Discounts Do We Offer?

We care about every possible social group in the country. ShipCar24 is offering car shipping discounts for military personal, college students and staff and for disabled and senior citizens. Don’t forget to ask about multi vehicle shipping discounts. We are offering it too.

Military Car Shipping Discount

According to the Council on Foreign Relations at least 1.2 millions of men and women are currently on active military duty. This folks are travelling around the country on a regular basis. Moving from state to state can be stressful and requires a lots of planning. Therefore ShipCar24 decided to make the process easy, hassle-free and affordable for military personnel and their families.

Student and College Staff Car Shipping Discount

ShipCar24 employs student and knows how hard it is to combine employment with college. Therefore, we decided to support our students and college staff members by offering student and college staff discount.

Disabled and Senior Citizen Car Shipping Discounts

We treat our senior and disabled citizens with special respect. When it is time to retire many of senior citizens are relocating to be closer to their family members. Some are moving to more affordable states with lower taxes to reduce their costs of living. We try to make their vehicle relocation experience as stress-less as possible. Due to the limitation of their income we are offering car shipping discounts for this social groups too.

Multi Vehicle Shipping Discount

ShipCar24 is offering multi vehicle discount. When we you ship two or more vehicles at the same time on the same trailer, you get discount. We save money on fuel by reducing amount of stops and we let save you too!

How To Get A Car Shipping Discount?

Call ShipCar24 at 916-701-2701 or email us to [email protected] to check on available discounts and get your vehicle shipped for less today!