Common Mistakes that Wear Your Vehicle Fasters

As a car owner, it is important for you to know the common mistakes that can wear your vehicle quickly. However, most individuals are not aware of these common yet important things that deteriorate the condition of the vehicle.

Below are some of the important pointers to be kept in mind while driving and handling your vehicle.

Using brakes down the hill

The brake pads deteriorate faster when they get heated. Applying brakes down the hill overheats them. This results in their faster deterioration in comparison to riding during the normal course.

Opting for pressure washer

Pressure water is good for cleaning the car, however, it is not good for the car engine. A high pressure of water can dislodge small electrical wires, hoses, rubber seal, and other delicate car parts. Degreaser with a piece of cloth is advisable for cleansing of the car engine.

Not changing the engine oil

Engine oil acts as an important lubricant for the engine and ensures its smooth functioning. Forgetting to change the engine oil may result in engine lapse. Old engine oil does the engine no good. So, it is advisable to change the oil as per the frequency prescribed in the car manual. It is also advisable to change the oil filters at regular intervals.

Avoiding using parking brakes

Using parking brakes when parking car on a steady road or a steep hill. The parking brakes remove the strain off the car. Although it seems to be an unreasonable technique, it adds years to the life of your car.

Neglecting the engine sound

The sound of the car, if paid attention to, can reveal a number of things about the car. A whining sound or a squeak could help you reveal the unsteady condition of the car. For example, a squeaking sound of the brakes can reveal the time for their replacement.

Quickly shifting gear from reverse to drive

Shifting gears from reverse to drive may put extra pressure on the car, thereby resulting in the wear and tear of the car. Thus, it is advisable to not change the gear from reverse to drive in a hurry when the car is still moving slowly. By doing so, you tend to put extra pressure on the gear.

Stress on the car engine while starting

While starting the car, make sure that other accessories like wipers, radio, and air conditioner are off. This will not put extra pressure on the engine while starting it. The maximum wear of the car happens when the engine gets started. Thus, it is advisable to not use accessories of the car while starting the engine.

Driving an overheated car

It is advisable to stop driving when the temperature panel indicates a high temperature. Continuing to drive may result in the coolant rushing out of the tank, thus leading the car to halt. In such circumstances, you will have to call the tow truck and it would cause a lot of trouble. Instead, stop the car when you see a high temperature indicator.

Avoiding these mistakes will help your car last long. Moreover, one of the most important things is to avail of a car insurance. Having such a motor insurance policy would come to help during the wear and tear of the car. It would also cover the risks associated with accident, loss, or third party damage, besides other things.