Essential equipment for a home garage

Looking to do some DIY car maintenance at home? Creating a home garage is becoming increasingly popular with more people wanting to get hands-on with their vehicles. In this article, we’ll explain why a home garage is so useful and what tools you’ll need to get started.

Benefits of a home garage

With the cost of repairs and general maintenance soaring, as well as the wider cost of motoring, car owners are increasingly looking for ways to cut back and save where they can. For people who can’t curb their fuel expenses or lower their insurance premiums, DIY maintenance is a common approach. Learning new skills is an additional benefit besides the potential cost savings.

Home garages are also just great fun to have. They give you a practical space to get stuck in with inspections, checks and repairs, and any other dirty jobs that need completing outside of the house. So, what should you fill your home workshop or garage with?

Home garages essentials

What you need in your home garage depends on what you plan to do with the space. We’d recommend a balance of general tools and equipment, as well as more automotive-specific items to help you carry out a variety of tasks.

Basic tool kit

Standard tools are always a good starting point. Screwdrivers, spanners, pliers and other essentials such as a hammer come in handy around the house and could be useful in certain vehicle applications.

Bottle jack

Certain inspection, maintenance and repair tasks require access to the underside of a vehicle or for it to be lifted off the ground – removing wheels, for example. For this, you need a reliable bottle jack to hold the weight while you’re getting to work. Be sure to buy one that can support the load of your vehicle or you could be left in a tricky situation!

Impact wrenches and socket sets

Chances are you may need to remove a wheel or two in your home garage at some point. Having trusted impact wrenches and a socket set gives you the ability to do this safely and efficiently, without too much strain on your body.

Protective equipment

Your home garage should be a safe environment for you to work and play in. Fundamentals such as adequate lighting, non-slip flooring and protective eyewear and gloves are always worth having. It’s also worth securing your building because tools and equipment can be common targets for theft.

At the end of the day, it’s your home garage and you can do exactly what you want with it. Your house, your rules!