Estimates and Invoicing Made Easy with Auto Shop Management Software

Management practices in any company are key to its continual existence. The reason for this is not far-fetched; the flow of events and activities around the company hinges on good processes and best practices. We want to shine a light on how the generation of auto repair estimates and invoicing can be better managed using auto shop management software.

A Foray Into the Conventional

Let’s begin by taking a historical approach to this as we look at what is conventionally attainable in the area of generating estimates and invoicing. Traditionally, whenever a repair job comes up, auto shop owners will normally resort to an estimator who goes ahead to assess the damage and provide the cost estimate of all that needs to be fixed. This could take a considerable number of hours to complete, and it is not always devoid of errors. As a result, presenting your customers with a cost estimate may be time-consuming and may even create distrust between you and the customer – should there be any error reflecting a hike in the cost analysis. More so, you may even have put up with some losses if some things are left out of the estimates. On top of all these, you’ll need to take amazing records that are flawless.

Jump Into Something New

Auto shop management software has been highly valuable to shop owners in many ways, and the aspects of generating cost estimating and raising invoices are some of the most significant. The features and widgets on the software can provide you and your customers with accurate, data-based estimates in a matter of minutes. It will draw from the bank of relevant data available online to derive a workable cost estimate that can hardly be contested by your customers. This estimate can be sent to a customer using either SMS or email through the software platform’s interface – no paperwork and no delays. With invoicing, you can easily develop an e-invoice with the services you will be providing stated for your customer’s perusal. One good thing about using the auto shop management software for invoicing is that it helps you create a database you can always refer to in the future. As such, you can conveniently keep track of uncleared invoices, and send prompts to the customers who are concerned.


The benefits of using auto shop management software to do your estimates and invoicing are hereby highlighted:

  1. Accuracy- It helps you to generate error-free estimates thus promoting trustworthiness. Plus, you will be able to accurately tell the customers who are yet to clear their invoices by resorting to it.
  2. Time-efficient- You can be assured that there will be no lost time using auto shop management software to run your estimate and invoice.
  3. Prompt delivery- With the estimate provided quickly and everything about invoicing resolved, you can look to have a repair job completed promptly.