Have a Registration Check Prior Making Second Purchase

Whenever any person purchases a used car from a private seller or a dealer, it becomes very difficult to receive actual information regarding its past history. A registration check offers complete information related to the history of registration of a vehicle and other information which the seller at the time of sale of a car has not depicted. It is specially designed to offer satisfaction to a buyer that he or she is making right purchase.

It is quite easy to perform rego check. One must have vehicle’s license plate number or VIN number when a model is manufactured after 1989. He or she has to visit the website of relevant transport authority of the particular state.

Different Between Rego Check and a Car History Report

A registration check offers the following information to a person-

    Registration number

    Registration  status

    Registration expiry date

    Make, model and body shape of vehicle

    Details of the CTP insurer as well as policy expiry date

While receiving car history report, one will get following points-

    Registration number

    Registration status

    Registration expiry

    Make, model and body shape

    PPSR Certificate

    Written off check

    Stolen check

    Odometer check

    Price/odometer comparison

    Finance check

    Buyback insurance

    First sale information

    Vehicle valuation

    VIN check

To receive car history report, one needs license plate number or VIN. Just after entering this information in search box given in website, car history report can be achieved.

Importance of Registration Check

It is essential to get registration check prior to committing a purchase of a second-hand car. Purchasing the same without making registration check can cause serious complications at the later stage. Receiving registration check is essential because of following reasons-

    Australian vehicles have the legal obligation for registration. While buying a second-hand car, it is the responsibility of the buyer to check its registration. While driving unregistered vehicle, you may be caught and may have to pay penalties like fines, demerit points or cancellation of license.

    Without making registration check, you will not be informed that whether vehicle which you are going to purchase is covered under Compulsory third party (CTP) insurance or what is the date of expiration of insurance. In case, you meet with an accident, you will not be covered for any legal liability for injury or death.

    Rego check help a person to know more regarding a used vehicle. It is essential to know more about a vehicle, you are going to buy. Dealer of a vehicle or private seller may not state each and information related to the vehicle. It is essential to have complete knowledge of the background of a vehicle.