Heavy Lifting Options for Modern Industry

Heavy lifting equipment is always necessary in industry, and there are always developments in the winch and hoist manufacturing sector, which make the lifting work safer and more effective. Modern winches incorporate safety devices, and with a range of power options that include electrical and hydraulic, there is an ideal device for any kind of lifting.

Online Suppliers

Whether you are looking to rent a small winch to lift out an engine, or wish to buy a 100 tonne drum winch, there are online companies that can provide the perfect solution. From a commercial perspective, buying makes more sense than renting, although if a winch is being overhauled, you will need a replacement for a few days, and there are affordable solutions online, no matter where you are in the UK. Many industries require base mount diesel winches, and they come in a range of sizes, with multiple drum units available, and sourcing from a reliable company means you will receive the best support and advice.

Winch Selection

Before deciding on the type of winch to use, there are certain things you must take into account. The weight you are intending to lift is obviously relevant, along with the surface conditions, and whether you need to lift or pull will also be a factor in your winch choice. It is always wise to bring in the experts when thinking about the equipment you need, as they have hands-on experience and will always recommend the best solution. The power source is also something to think about, it might be a diesel engine or electric motors that power the unit, and they even have air winches, which run on compressed air, something that most industries have a regular supply of, which is more economic than any of the other options.

Line Speed

The speed that the cable or rope is to move will also have a bearing on your choice of equipment, and the diameter and type of cable would depend on the weight involved. Some winches have clutches, which can really help with fine control, and there are variations in control systems, depending on the conditions.

Cable Pulling Winches

They come in a range of shapes and sizes and are designed to pull cables through underground pipelines, and this type of machine is essential for modern cable laying, especially in urban environments. There are mobile solutions for getting into tight areas, and with the use of many accessories, the job can be safely completed on time.

Cable Drum Trailers

These ingenious devices allow large drums of cable to be attached to a trailer, and with a choice of manual or powered drum drive, most cabling operations can be effortlessly carried out. There is a range of accessories for this type of unit, with standard braking and lighting systems, the trailer can be easily hooked up to any vehicle and be road safe.

The type of equipment used in heavy lifting and pulling is made by certain manufacturers, who have spent many years supplying the industry with quality equipment, and if you are considering hiring or buying a winch, talk to the experts before making a decision.