Taking Care of Your Travel Needs during an England Excursion

The United Kingdom is a land filled with countless events, attractions, and activities that happen to be the main reasons for the country’s tourism boom over the past decade. From the beautiful Buckingham Palace and towering Warwick Castle to the largely untouched Peak District and world-renowned Mary Rose Museum, England features a multifaceted tourism industry that can cater to any palate for adventure. However, any trip to the UK can quickly go south if you don’t have a proper means of conveyance. Of course, there are busses and taxicabs around every street corner but you probably aren’t venturing to the United Kingdom with the intent of spending time in smelly busses and cabs with a bunch of sweaty tourists. In this regard, renting your own personal vehicle offers your travel group the most freedom during your holiday and it’s something that you should look into long before your departure date rolls around.

The Benefits of Renting a Car

The most reputable car rental agencies in England such as Express Rent-a-Car tend to feature not only supreme customer service but also affordability. Thus, it’s important to note that rental cars aren’t exclusively reserved for only the wealthy and well-known. In exchange for an unlimited kilometre allowance, a sense of autonomy, and the ability to create your own itinerary, you will have to pay nothing more than a small daily rental fee. If you’d like to pay a visit to the Stonehenge or the iconic London Eye observation wheel, you won’t have to rely on public transportation or hotel shuttles at all.

Whether you wish to reserve a Mini Cooper hatchback or a full-size Mercedes Vito van, you’ll be able to establish your booking in a cost-effective manner regardless of your arrival date. To boot, the best rental agencies also offer free cancellations and collision damage waivers, which are particularly helpful if you’re a foreign visitor.

The Best Car Rental Agencies

Regardless of your final destination, whether it happens to be in Liverpool or London, finding the most reputable car rental agency in the area should be at the top of your to-do list. As you start your research, there are three primary features you should be on the lookout for: selection, customer service, and pricing. The best agencies will have a full fleet of standard vehicles, luxury sedans, trucks, vans, and shuttle busses. They will also feature competitive pricing, professional personal service, no credit card fees, and roadside solutions as well. In terms of customer service, some of the better-rated agencies will deliver the vehicle to your landing site as well, which negates the need for alternative transportation from the onset.

As you begin scouring the Internet for information, you can compare and contrast various rental companies, which will help you create a shortlist of the top providers. Then you can use this article as a checklist of sorts to vet each agency. Be sure to take advantage of seasonal promotions, holiday discounts, and gift vouchers as well.

Don’t let your holiday get off on the wrong foot; instead, be sure to reserve a nice set of wheels beforehand!