The Top Advantages of Installing Mini Dash Cams in Your Vehicles

Road accidents have been common since ages. Of late, they have risen considerably. Since you never know when you can find yourself embroiled in one, it is best to have an in-car camera or a mini dash cam installed on your car. Any accident is always shrouded by confusion and misinformation. The dash cam is perfect for providing an objective view, uncovering the truth and proving you innocent if that is the case. It also lends you several other benefits like:-

Insurance premiums

A dashboard cam can get your insurance premiums lowered. The videos of this camera function as an independent witness for the driver to prove the guilty party post the accident. It emerges as the most solid evidence that cannot be disputed and is even recognized by the court, just in case you need it. While today, no insurance company offer premium discounts to adults for installing dash cams, it is offered to young drivers.

Teen safe driver program

The American insurance company, American Family Insurance has launched the initiative of Teen Safe Driver Program. Through this program, a free dash cam is provided to each new teenage driver for a year. This is meant to educate and coach them to become better drivers as the camera record both inside and outside the vehicle and can easily detect swerving and sudden increase or decrease in speed. These recordings are then received by the driving coaches through Wi-Fi to see and analyze. This helps them in grading them on a weekly basis. The parents can do the same. Though this recording, the parents are able to keep an eye on their children and instill safe driving habits. This makes the road much safer to drive.

Crash for cash

There are plenty of rogues who intentionally stage an accident to scare you and extort cash out of you. These are popular as ‘crash for cash’ scams. The dash cam is the perfect arsenal to protect you from these staged frauds.

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