3 Benefits of Getting Auto Hail Repair in the Off-Season

Getting your car repaired soon after a hail storm is not always possible. However, getting your car repaired even in the off-season—is still better than not getting it fixed at all. There are also a number of benefits to getting those much-needed repairs even if hail season has passed.

Benefit #1 Save on Repair Costs

The longer you leave hail damage alone, the greater the repair cost would be. If two hail storms happen to hit your area—and insurance companies can determine this—you will be assessed for two deductibles instead of one. It’s definitely advisable to not wait for a third hail storm to mangle your car before taking it to a reliable auto hail repair shop.

Since you’re getting your car repaired in the off-season, chances are you won’t have to join the huge wave of car owners needing the same services. This also means there’s a lower chance that repair costs would drastically inflate. Lower demand, better deals.

In particular, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a more affordable option for hail-damaged vehicles. Several reputable auto repair shops can even salvage a car damaged by hail a couple of months ago. If a vehicle’s damage has been left stewing for nearly a year, though, expect other structural issues to arise.

Chipped paint, rust, corrosion, and dents are not pleasant add-ons to a car’s overall look. Neither are they cheap to fix. Panel replacements, repainting, sanding, and filling will likely be necessary once the car’s panels have reached such a terrible state. These types of repairs will hit the car owner hard on the conventional car repair costs.

Benefit #2 Save Time

Time is a currency that no car owner—or anyone—can earn or get back. The insurance company can cover all of the hail repair costs, but no one can give back the time spent waiting for the car to get repaired or, at the very least, inspected.

Waiting until the end of the next hail season may lead to more troubles. There are other car owners who experienced the same car-damaging storm. Most of them, if not all, will get a queue number and wait for their turn to get their cars fixed.

Because of the huge influx of car owners requiring auto hail repair, the entire process can take longer than usual—sometimes up to 8 weeks. While PDR is definitely a quicker method that effectively smooths out your car’s dents, the hours can pile up if there are dozens of other people (before you) waiting to get the high-quality hail repair Denver auto shops offer.

The severity of the car’s damage must also be considered. Serious damage requires longer inspections, claims processing, and actual repairs. Using more conventional repair methods will inevitably lead to a longer waiting period.

Benefit #3 Save Your Car’s Value

For those aiming to sell their car in the foreseeable future, it’s advisable to get it fixed by a trusted PDR specialist before the next hail season. PDR preserves the factory finish of the vehicle because it doesn’t involve any intrusive methods, only a gentle massage on the back-side of the dented panel.

Any car’s value decreases the moment it’s driven out of the dealership. Whether there’s a plan to resell the car or not, it should be regularly maintained and repaired for any external and internal damage. Unfortunately, selling it at a better price may be next to impossible if there’s hail damage on it.

Any damage to a vehicle heavily impacts its resale value. There’s no competition between a well-maintained, promptly-repaired car and a hail-damaged vehicle once it’s time to resell. The well-maintained car wins each and every time.

Now is the Best Time for an Auto Hail Repair

Getting your car fixed even in the off-season has a ton of benefits. From cost and time savings to preserving the vehicle’s value, a prompt, professional fix does wonders. Take your car to an auto hail repair shop near you today and discover the other perks of getting your car fixed at the right time and by the right people.