Why Choose Remanufactured Transfer Cases?

Is it time for a transfer case replacement? Keeping your car in top shape can’t be emphasized enough. Apart from enhanced efficiency, the car is safer. Nonetheless, giving your vehicle tender love and care isn’t always straightforward, especially when some replacements are due.  For instance, if a transfer case needs replacement, you could be torn between an aftermarket or remanufactured option. Each has its pros and cons, requiring diligent consideration to make a sound decision. Aftermarket cases’ top appeal is their low rates. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean they are the best. Remanufactured transfer cases win on many fronts, making them an ideal option. Among the top reasons to choose remanufactured transfer cases includes;


Aftermarket parts don’t last that long. You’ll either get a used or rebuilt transfer case. With the remanufactured option, you’ll get transfer cases that are almost as good as new. Remanufacturing takes place in a factory setting. It entails disassembly, cleaning, inspection, replacements, and inspection, all done by professionals. Unlike a rebuilt transfer case, the process doesn’t only address a part that’s worn out. Each component is given the needed attention, ensuring it is machined to factory specification. As such, remanufactured transfer cases are of superior quality, offering an extended service life. The cases might seem pricey compared to the aftermarket, but they’ll serve you long enough, delivering the value of your investment.


Apart from the shorter lifespan, used or rebuilt parts aren’t as efficient. Popping out and difficulty engaging 4Hi or 4Lo is common. This affects your car’s performance, which could see you visit the auto shop a lot more often. A used transfer case could be worn out more than meets the eye. Rebuilt ones typically use non-OE components to lower the cost. This means that the transfer case isn’t as reliable. Remanufacturing process is thorough. The technicians use high-quality materials and thoroughly test the transfer cases, ensuring they function as intended. You’ll get remanufactured transfer cases that meet, if not exceed, OEM standards. This ensures that you enjoy smooth shifting and reliable performance, enhancing your car’s efficiency.


Used or rebuilt transfer cases don’t usually come with a warrant. This means that if the aftermarket part fails early, you won’t get a free replacement. You can find services offering a warrant, but the terms are in the shop’s favor. The transfer cases are cheap, but as they can fail sooner than you expect, you could spend a lot more money, not to mention the inconvenience of the frequent visits to the auto shop. Remanufactured transfer cases are backed by warrants, showcasing their quality. The trick is to ensure you pick a service offering the best warranty terms. You can go with a standard warrant such as one and half years unlimited mileage coverage or extended warranties like three years for additional peace of mind.

Aftermarket parts are no match for remanufactured transfer cases. While the cost might be the factor tipping you toward the aftermarket option, it doesn’t have to, especially in the modern market. You can find affordable transfer cases with online services since you don’t have to buy from dealerships that add huge markup.