Night Vision Driving With A BMW: The Revolutionary Driving Safety Tool Not Yet Allowed In America Or Canada

Night vision is a powerful type of technology that is being integrated into a wide variety of vehicles. One of the most powerful of these is known as BMW night vision. This incredible tool can help pin-point animals and people at night and keep them from being hit. But they aren’t legal on this side of the world. Why not?

What Is Night Vision Driving?

Driving at night is a dangerous situation for many people because it is hard to see living creatures on the side of the road. Deer cause a large number of accidents every year, but night vision driving can help eliminate this problem by using a variety of technological advances to make the road easier to view inside the car at night. This technology is being utilized in a wide variety of cars and is revolutionary in its potential impact. BMW goes one step further by creating the most powerful version of this technology.

How Does BMW Night Vision Stand Out?

BMW’s night vision is known as Dynamic Light Spot. This system utilizes the detection items mentioned above and allows drivers to get a better feel for what’s on the road. However, it goes above-and-beyond by also offering a spotlight on living obstacles (such as deer) to make them more obvious. The system automatically detects living items and won’t shine on vehicles.

Drivers in Europe are already utilizing this incredible piece of technology and the reviews have been fantastic. However, those in the United States of America and Canada are completely in the dark (pun intended) about this technology and the benefits it could offer them. Why is this technology not allowed over the ocean here and is that ever likely to change?

Why Are These Systems Not Allowed Here?

The main problem with BMW night vision is that it currently exceeds US and Canadian regulations regarding the maximum level of light allowed by headlights. That’s why certain types of lights are available there and not in Europe: their restrictions are more severe than on the continent. So could technology like this be allowed in the future if restrictions are changed?

Perhaps, but the most likely way to get it here would be to adjust the light so that it is a little less severe. The fact that it doesn’t strobe or flash is a good thing because this puts it into acceptable standards. Decreasing how much light it puts out could make it possible to see this soon.

Until then, BMW night vision is an intriguing and revolutionary system that can only be experienced outside of the country. While it would be possible to important a vehicle with it, there’s a chance that it could get you in legal trouble if spotted by a police officer.