Truck Insurance: What is Carrier’s Liability Insurance?

The truck drivers and haulers spend a lot of time on the road, but not only dedicated to driving your vehicle. The risks they face go beyond incidents en route since many accidents occur during the period loading the truck with goods and unloading of goods or manipulating the cargo. They can cause personal or material damages to third parties and that is when the carrier’s civil liability insurance is necessary, which we are going to talk about today.

Truck Insurance and Transportation CR Insurance

When dealing with the insurance companies hired by the transport companies and the self-employed driving a truck, we almost always think of truckers who spend all their or most of their working hours carrying goods in their trucks from one point to another.

In these cases, the risks are focused on what can happen during the transfer of the goods in the vehicle, to the place of destination. But in the field of transport, there are key moments in which an accident involves consequences that must be covered by the appropriate policy.

When is a Carrier’s Liability Insurance necessary?

The professionals who are dedicated to road transport are aware that, although it is not mandatory to have an RC insurance, in practice it is essential to hire a Civil Liability Insurance for the legal obligation to assume compensation for loss, breakdown or delay of the goods transported in the truck.

Liability Insurance for Transporters

On the other hand, there are transporters who are exclusively dedicated to driving the truck, but most of the transport professionals perform other tasks related to the handling of the cargo at the points of its departure and also at its destination. Especially if the truck has coupled loading and unloading mechanisms, like the crane, a lifting platform or a tipper.

Loading and Unloading the Truck

During loading, unloading, and handling of goods, carriers can perform various functions. These jobs, carried out with the mechanisms of your truck or in companies to which they provide their services, involve risks for the carrier itself.

Many of these risks can be covered by the accident insurance that companies usually hire for their professionals, and they respond to the damages suffered by the driver of the truck.

But the damages to third parties that occur during those tasks of loading, unloading, and handling of the merchandise are not covered with the Insurance of the Truck and usually, they are outside the Insurance of the load.

We talk about damages that can become really serious and expensive for the companies in which the loss occurs. They can have consequences for people and cause the paralysis of the company’s activity. They are claims of damages to third parties that correspond to the carrier’s civil liability. However, you can contact this Independent Commercial Agents to help you reduce the stress of this.