Wholesale Truck Insurance: The All Risk Insurance

Of every five new trucks, one has contracted a Truck Risk Insurance, most of them with a franchise. In addition, among the most contracted coverage by the carriers are the Cargo Insurance and the Driver Accident coverage.

Truck Risk Insurance

The statistics on contracting policies for trucks from online insurance brokers allow us to make an X-ray of the preferences of the carriers when choosing insurance for their truck.

We are talking about a vehicle that is not only an essential work tool for its activity but also an important investment for many self-employed professionals and transport companies that are trying to get a new fleet or start a business.

The New Trucks Monopolize the Trucks Insurance of All Risk

The new trucks are the ones that usually have a greater coverage and, in fact, according to the data of most online insurance comparator, it is estimated that 20% of the Insurance for contracted trucks have the coverage of own damage, having the Insurance of All Risk.

As the vehicle adds up to years and its depreciation is accentuated, this guarantee is no longer present among most insurance brokers. In this way, the coverage of personal injuries only appears already in the policies of heavy vehicles with more than 5 years old.

All-risk Insurance with Franchise, the Best Alternative

The insurance for all risks for trucks is usually hired in the franchise mode, to lower the price of the policy. These are policies that cover an important investment, in a vehicle that performs thousands of kilometers per month and whose price reflects the insured risk.

Custom Merchandise Insurance

Among the coverage’s that are hired to insure trucks, in addition to the insurance of circulation or compulsory insurance that must be contracted by law, stand out the Insurance of Goods, a policy that covers the damages that may suffer the load and the responsibility of the carrier in this regard of the transported.

Transport companies have an obligation to respond for the cargo transported. That is why it is a necessity to hire at least one basic insurance that covers the responsibility of the carrier for the damage of the goods during the transfer, from the point of collection and its destination.